Inglewood U.S.D. Special Projects

401 S. Inglewood Ave. Inglewood CA 90301

Acceptable reasons for early release:

  • Family Emergencies (such as death in the family, catastrophic incidents, etc.).
  • Medical appointments.
  • Weather, neighborhood safety conditions and daylight savings (early darkness), especially if the child walks home.
  • Coordination with public transportation schedules, if child has authorization to take public transportation home.
  • Child accidents that occur during program time (program staff will call parent or guardian).
  • Attending a parallel program on campus (tutoring, clubs, etc.) as long as an agreement or partnership with the program exists, thus making the parallel program the child’s enrichment component. Students must check in and sign out with ASES.
  • Other conditions based on a case-by-case basis determined by the after school program and school.

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