Federal Funds Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

  • Title I: A K-12 program to provide Supplemental Educational Support to low-achieving children in high poverty schools, English Learners, Migrant Children, children with disabilities, neglected or delinquent children, and young children in need of reading assistance. Provides professional development supportive of student achievement and promote parent education and involvement.

Who is eligible to receive Supplemental Education Services?

Eligible students are all students from low-income families who attend Title I schools that are in school improvement years 1-5, in corrective action, or in restructuring.  Eligibility is not dependent on whether a student is a member of a subgroup that did not make AYP or whether a student is in a grade that takes the statewide assessments required by Section 1111 of the ESEA.


If the funds available are insufficient to provide SES to each eligible student whose parent requests those services, an LEA must give priority to the lowest-achieving eligible students [Section 1116(b)(10)(C); 34 C.F.R. §200.45(d)].  In this situation, the LEA should use objective criteria to determine which students are the lowest-achieving.  For example, the LEA may focus services on the lowest-achieving eligible students in the subject area that resulted in the school being identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.  The services should be tailored to meet the instructional needs of eligible students in order to increase their academic achievement.


School Choice

Under the Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, schools that do not meet their achievement targets must offer parents the choice of attending another school in the same district. This transfer is given under the option of Title I, Part A School Choice.

A Title I school will be identified for program improvement (PI) when, for each of two consecutive years, the Title I school does not make adequate yearly progress (AYP) in the same content area (English-language arts or mathematics) schoolwide or for any numerically significant subgroup, or on the same indicator (Academic Performance Index [API] or high school graduation rate) schoolwide.


2015-2016 SES Eligible Schools:

Bennett-Kew Elementary, Centinela Elementary, Highland Elementary, Hudnall Elementary, Kelso Elementary, Oak Street Elementary, Payne Elementary, Woodworth Elementary, Worthington Elementary, Lane Elementary, LaTijera School, Parent School, Crozier Middle School, Monroe Middle School, Inglewood High School, Morningside High School, City Honors High School


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School Choice and SES Enrollment Report

SES Application 2015-2016

Explanation of 2015-2016 Per Pupil Allocation for SES

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Other Important Information Related To SES for 2015-2016

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