Welcome to the Special Projects / Categorical Department of the Inglewood Unified School District.

State and Federal Categorical Programs
State and Federal Categorical Programs include planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes. California Department of Education requires that schools receiving funds through the Consolidated Application develop a Single Plan to address all of the programs funded through the application and any other programs the school chooses to include. In addition, the focus of the plan is student academic achievement, based on analysis of achievement data and educational practice, which supports the state and federal emphasis on accountability-based practices.

The emphasis is on a comprehensive analysis of student performance and educational practice to develop school goals and Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs).

The Single Plan for Student Achievement must be developed and approved by the School Site Council, with the advice of any applicable school advisory committees, and reviewed and approved by the local governing board. Plans are to be reviewed and updated annually.

Districts are required by NCLB to develop a Local Education Agency Plan (LEAP). It is important that the LEAP be aligned with School Plans and support school-level implementation of strategies to address all goals.

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